Posted by Duncan in August, 2014

Add recipe feature...

Foodzone now has the ability to add recipes. Foodzone has always been able to add a group of foods items together called a "meal" which will add all the individual food items back onto a page but the recipe feature allows Foodzone to concatenate the ingredients into a new food item. The recipe feature also allows you to adjust the yield and the ingredients after it is created or even create a copy of the recipe and make a variation of the original and share the recipes among your clients.


Here is a quick video on how to use the new feature

Here are the steps below on how to add a recipe shown in the video above:


1. Go to the food page and click create in the sub menu then select recipe.
Create -recipe -one


2. Add your recipe, the recipe name and at least one ingredient are needed to save a recipe. You will then need to click "create" to save your new recipe.
Add -recipe -two


3. Next you can select to go back to the food page to use the recipe, add another recipe or go to a list of all your recipes.


4. To access your recipes from the food page you can click on create then choose "view recipes". 
Create -recipe -one
Add -recipe -four


5. To edit a recipe choose the pencil icon.
Add -recipe -five


6. To share the recipe with other clients select the down arrow.


Add -recipe -six


7. To make a copy of the recipe select the right pointing arrow.
Add -recipe -seven


We would love to hear what you think about hte new feature below!

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