Posted by Duncan on May, 2014

Paediatric analysis...

Foodzone does not have the ability to analyse a diet of a person less than one year old. This means the minimum age you can enter is one and the weight needs to be in whole numbers i.e. 8kg versus 7.7kg.


To analyse the diet of a person less than one year old take the following steps:

1. Enter a new custom food of breast milk by watching this video to see how.

2. You can get the info here for the breast milk from the american database as Australian databases do not have breast milk.

3. Enter the food from the diet history using the added custom food breast milk.

4. Go to the report page on foodzone by clicking the report link in the main menu.

5. Export the nutrient report but ignore the NRVs these are for a one year old not a 8 month old. They will be close but different see example image below.



6. Go to this web page at the NRVs and get this excel for a simple list of NRVs in excel for a baby less than one. see example image below


7. Cross reference the amount eaten in the nutrient report to the excel page.


Some tips

1. When looking at energy you need to look at energy with fibre as the energy intake is affected by fibre in foods which contributes a small amount.

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