New features - Create meal and enhanced search

We have two new features for easier searching and creating meals. Watch the video and check out the screen shots for more info.

Watch the video on you tube here.

Step 1.

Select the food items you want to make a meal from and choose meal from the create meal button inthe task bar.

Foodzone online nutrition software create meal demo

Step 2.

Give the meal a name and click the create button. You can now search for your meal like a name and it will enter all those foods in one step.

Foodzone nutrition software create meal name demo

Step 3.

You can search and delete meals on the meal page by clicking on view meal. You access the view meals choice from the create drop down button in the task bar on the food page.

Foodzone nutrition software meal page demo
Let us know what you think of the new features and if they are helpful.

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